Family Support

Sustainable change comes from multiple sides. BECAS promotes access to education and basic health care for our scholars, but we also realize that there needs to be change within the home. Our family support program includes monthly parenting classes/support groups and house visits.

Parenting Classes

Parenting Classes

Parenting Classes

Once a month, the parents of the scholars meet to discuss topics ranging from nutrition and health to discipline to raising successful children to how to be a supportive parent to playing games and laughing with their neighbors. Both parents are required to come to the class, because BECAS believes that for change to happen, the entire family needs to be on board, starting with the father and mother. These classes are designed to create a supportive and safe community where the parents can confidently exchange concerns and ideas on parenting.

Here is what some of the parents say about the classes and what they have learned:

“I have learned to teach my children respect, the importance of education, and many other values. I learned to put into practice these values and be a good father.” -Edith’s Father

“First we should always give love to the people who need it. We learned about different types of parenting, and that it is best to support my child’s education by helping them with their homework but not doing it. I also learned how to be creative and fun in the household.” -Leo’s Mother

“I learned to respect my children and that personal hygiene is very important. I learned to be more patient and to give my children lots of love.” -Wendy’s Mother

House Visits

BECAS staff visits the houses of each scholar once a month to talk more in depth with the scholar and their parents. This time is used to follow up on the parenting classes, the scholar’s school work, or any other concern there might be.