Scholar Profiles

BECAS is extremely proud of our 2013/2014 scholars. Read more about them below.

  • Profile: Abigail


    Abigail is the youngest BECAS scholar. Abigail, her family, and BECAS is excited for her future!

  • Profile: Cristopher


    His teacher says that his is a bright young boy, does beautiful art work, and a great friend to everyone in the class. This is Cristopher's first year as a BECAS scholar and we are looking forward to working with him and his family!

  • Profile: Gilson

    Gilson has a very supportive family!

    Glison’s teacher, Lourdes says, “Gilson is very dynamic, he does his homework, is respectful to his teachers, plays well with others. When Gilson gets home, he washes his hands, sits down, and does his homework. He loves his parents and his family is strongly united.”

  • Profile: Ambar

    Amber is thrilled to be in the first grade!

    Ambar is entering the third grade and is happy to be continuing school.

  • Profile: Michelle

    Mishel is excited to go back to school!

    Michelle’s teachers say that she is collaborative and friendly to everyone in the class. She has a contagious smile that spreads across her face as her eyes light up.

  • Profile: Katherine

    Kathrine, the 5th of 6 children, is thrilled to be a BECAS scholar.

    12 year-old Katherine is entering the 7th grade and she is thrilled to be the recipient of a BECAS scholarship. Her teachers say that she always has a calming and shy presence in class.

  • Profile: Ronald

    Ronald is full of energy and always ready to help.

    Energetic and helpful, Ronald is happy to be a BECAS scholar and continue his education. He is in 5rd grade.

  • Profile: Alex


    Alex’s mom was not the only one who was excited Alex was selected as a BECAS scholar. Alex’s face light up with the news that he could continue to study. He announced which high school he wanted to attend because it was one of the best.

  • Profile: Cintia

    Cintya is excited to be going into the first grade.

    Cintia is excited to be going into the 2nd grade.

  • Profile: Virginia

    This is the first year that Virginia has the opportunity to attend school.

    This is Virginia’s fifth year attending school. The shy, wide-eyed 12-year-old had never attended school before 2009. She is excited to continue her education with BECAS.

  • Profile: Leo

    Leo Sanchez is excited to attend Kindergarten

    Leo’s smile spreads across his face, like the Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland, when asked about starting Kindergarten. Now in 2nd grade, Leo has been a BECAS scholar for three years.

  • Profile: Wendy


    Wendy is in her fifth year as a BECAS scholar. She is now in the 5th grade and loves studying math!

  • Profile: Edith

    Edith: future police officer

    Edith dreams of being a police officer one day so that she can return to her neighborhood to help clean up the area. She is a natural leader, smart, and understanding.