Medical Services

The goal of BECAS is to provide a platform for the scholars to achieve their own goals and left themselves out of poverty. Education address the academic needs of the scholars to achieve this, but they lack access to basic health care, another necessity to realize their goals. Thus, BECAS also provides basic health care.

Medical and Dental Care

Visit to the doctors

Visit to the doctors

BECAS works with the Ecuadorian Red Cross to provide the scholars with basic health care needs, including a physical, lab exams, dental care, and necessary medications. This past year, many of the younger scholars had excessive dental work done, due to poor hygiene. BECAS views prevention as the path to healthier scholars. As a result, every year, the scholars and parents participate in a dental and hygiene course. Over the course of the year, the scholars and their families review the information and receive toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental floss.


As a student, it is very important to be able to see the board and teacher. BECAS realizes that eye care for the scholars is crucial to their success. Twice a year, the scholars see an optometrist and receive glasses if they are needed. Two of our older scholars are happy now that they can see the board and feel better with their glasses.