Highlights of 2012/2013

Highlights from 2012 and 2013 included welcoming a new staff member, Hipatia, to create a youth program for our high school aged scholars.  She helped create goals and accomplish them by breaking them into small pieces and took them on field trips and community service projects.

Another highlight this year was introducing American teens to BECAS and the profound difference that a small non-profit based in the accountability of personal relationships can make. Seven high school students from two Episcopal churches in Sonoma county accompanied BECAS Founder and Board President Ella Harris and Board member Heather Cruciano to work with the BECAS community in Ecuador. Their impressions and learnings are contained in the blog they kept. Read Mira’s impressions below.

Looking Ahead

BECAS is proud to enter our 5th year of providing personalized, holistic educational and social service support to Barrio Santa Maria. This year we have created a plan for the next 5 years, including:

  • Expand to other neighborhoods
  • Increase number of scholars to 22
  • Social worker dedicated to work with parents
  • Continue to develop the high school program and explore university 

Download BECAS Annual Report 2012/13


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