Scholar since 2011

Gilson has a very supportive family!

Gilson has been a scholar going on 3 years. He received “student of the year” last year. We are pleased to have him continue with BECAS for the coming years.

Glison’s teacher, Lourdes says, “Gilson is very dynamic, he does his homework, is respectful to his teachers, plays well with others. When Gilson gets home, he washes his hands, sits down, and does his homework. He loves his parents and his family is strongly united.” Gilson is the eighth out of nine children. They all live together in a small four room house along with his grandmother and cousin.

Gilson’s father works as a helper in construction work. His mother recently gave birth to his new brother, so she does not work. On weekends, she sells toilet paper at the public bathroom neighborhood soccer field. Their resources are stretched and the whole family is excited for Gilson to partake in the BECAS program.


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