BECAS welcomes a new board member! Allison Mangiaracino was a Peace Corps volunteer in Ecuador and now works at the California Department of Public Health. She is a wonderful addition to the board. Allison shares her BECAS experience with you.

BECAS scholars with Lili

Wendy is speaking in a louder and clearer voice.  Cinthya can complete dictation exercises without any problems. Alex’s and Virginia’s grades have improved this trimester.

These are just a few of the nuggets of progress that the BECAS board receives each month in informes from our program’s social worker, Liliana Sirley de la Bastida.  The reports detail the activities and goals for each BECAS scholar, keep us abreast of their progress, and help us to find ways to meet their needs as they develop educationally and personally.

As the newest member of the BECAS board, these reports have been great sources of inspiration as I look for ways to help expand the BECAS community and support our scholars.  The successes, both big and small, demonstrate the true power of an education for children
facing the monumental challenges of barrio life.  While the funding provided by BECAS actually gets them to the point of sitting at a desk in a classroom, the mentorship provided by Liliana and the monthly “check-ins” are motivational factors that keep kids like Cinthya and Alex enthusiastic about learning and make them want to be a part of the program, despite the distractions and challenges of living in poverty.

Newest board member, Allison, with children in Ecuador.

Newest board member, Allison, with children in Ecuador.

Learning that Wendy is developing her self-confidence and speaking ability, or that Virginia’s grades have improved,gives me hope that these kids will learn early on that little achievements will lead to a greater understanding of the world around them and will break down the economic barriers that have stopped generations before them from realizing their true potential.  To be fair, they experience setbacks like anyone else, but their day-to-day progress documented in these reports gives me hope that they see a brighter future for themselves.   It is a constant reminder for me to spread the word about BECAS and grow our community!



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