BECAS Foundation International likes to keep our supporters in the loop of the exciting lives of our Ecuadorian scholars. We invite you to read our short monthly updates, featuring a scholar. Enjoy!

Virginia in 2nd Grade!



BECAS Foundation International started our second year off with much success! We are supporting five returning scholars and three new scholars. We are especially proud of Virginia, a nine year old girl, who experienced her dream of going to school become a reality due to her participation in the BECAS scholarship program.

Virginia arrived at her 2nd grade classroom with a huge smile on her face. She was excited to be back in school. Her teacher commented that Virginia is a delight to have in the class and she always is very enthusiastic to do her homework. Virginia says that she is especially thrilled to go swimming twice a month because she likes the way she feels in the water.

BECAS social worker, Lili, has been working with Virginia through out the summer to get her caught up on her academic and social development. Lili, as well as the rest of BECAS, is proud of Virginia and we are looking forward to supporting her through her academic career.


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