One of the values that BECAS imparts to it’s scholars is the value of outreach and service to others. The youth are volunteering both in their neighborhood and in other communities.

Making a Difference

Within their own community, the scholars discuss how they would like to see their community change. As a result of their discussions, the scholars started doing community clean ups. They collect garbage and sweep up the sidewalks and streets and work towards a better community.

Another volunteer activity that the scholars enjoy are visits to a convalescent home in Quito. They spend three hours providing company to the elderly. This is an unusual activity for them and it stretches their imaginations in regards to how they can be helpful to others. It contributes to their self-esteem. It is these experiences, in addition to the tutoring help they receive, the family support, and the medical assistance, that paves the way to building a better life

Their experience

The visit to the convalescent home was very beautiful because we learned many things, especially to take care and love elderly people. I learned that when someone is old, they need lots of help. I would like to return to help the grandmothers, but with more time to help and spend time with them. I also learned that I can and I will help my own grandparents.
- Edith

I liked that learned how to care for the elderly. I liked the best giving them food to eat and later taking them on a walk. A little bit later, they showed us where they sleep.
I would like to continue to go and help give food to the elderly and take them on walks.

- Jhulisa

What I liked the most about going to the convalescent home was helping clean the tables, chairs, and feeding the elderly.
- Willian


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