Scholar since 2010

Alex is excited to continue his education!

Alex is in his fourth year as a BECAS scholar. We are proud to continue to support Alex and his family! Alex’s mom threw her arms around Lili when she heard that Alex had to opportunity to become a BECAS’s scholar. She is single and struggles to support her six children and her young sister.

They live in a cramped one room house in Quito. The family of seven share two beds. But Alex’s mom was not the only one who was excited with the news. Alex’s face light up with the news that he could continue to study. He announced which high school he wanted to attend because it was one of the best. It is also an hour commute. Alex rises at 5:30 am to get to school on time. After school, he goes home to pick up his younger siblings and takes them to the project. Alex is bright and hopes to continue studying past high school.


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