Thanks to all who attended the 2nd Annual Ecuador Dinner and to all those who donated.  Since the Board donated all the supplies for the Dinner and the Auction, all proceeds go towards scholarships and health care.  20% of the proceeds were sent to Partners in Health for their work with the children traumatized by the Haitian earthquake. The rest will be spent on education and health care costs for the BECAS scholars.

Saturday, January 30th @ 6pm

St Alban’s Episcopal Church
1501 Washington St, Albany

Tickets are $20/person (children under 12 are free)

To purchase, call (415) 595-9804 or email us at

We’ve been working hard since our last fundraiser. We’ve enrolled our first 6 students in school, implemented policies and procedures for the running of the foundation, set up preventative health care and academic achievement plans for each student, and hired an Ecuadorian Administrator to oversee the program in Ecuador! Today Virginia, Leo, Jhulisa, Willian, Edith, and Wendy are getting ready to have their first school break for Christmas.

“When I am grown up, I would like to be a nurse so that I am able to heal people that are sick. In order to be a nurse, I have to study a lot and have good grades…”
Jhulisa, 12 – BECAS scholar

“Education is important… you can be someone in the future”
Edith, 14 – BECAS scholar


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