Sra. Calle writing her dreams for her children.

Sra. Calle writing her dreams for her children.

“Write down all of your wishes, dreams, goals, etc, for your children,” I instructed a group of parents of BECAS scholars.

“I’m going to need a notebook,” responded one mom. Everyone had a good laugh and then began busily writing.  Afterward, they shared their dreams with the group. The most popular responses included: “Becoming someone better then their parents,” “Succeeding in life,” and “Being the first to attend college.”

I asked parents to do this exercise at a bimonthly BECAS Parent meeting, so that we can start thinking about how to achieve these goals.  In Barrio Santa Maria parents deeply desire to make a better life for themselves and their children but do not have the least idea of where to begin. Daily survival comes before dreaming.

So, we have set up an additional program for the families in hopes that parents of the scholars can start bringing their dreams for their children to life, one small step at a time. The program consists of twice a month parenting classes/support meetings and also bimonthly visits to the families houses.

Our dream is that not only will the student have a chance to make their dreams come true, but their whole family will have a similar chance.


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