BECAS alumnus

Scholar from 2009-2012

We wish William the best of luck and hope to see him soon!

BECAS is sad to see William leave the program. Due to his academic performance and attendance record, he did not qualify for the program. We are proud of William and hope that he returns next year. He had been a scholar since 2009.

William lives with his two younger siblings and mother in Santa Maria. His older siblings have left home, leaving William the oldest to watch after his siblings. William’s mother worked far from home, leaving early in the morning and arriving late at night. She never saw her children. She saw that their needed more support, so she quiet her job and started working closer to home. Her new work pays a fraction of what she use to make. There are days that she cannot send her daughter to school because she does not have the bus fare. William is proud that he can continue to study. He studies hard, but is also ready to take a break and tell a joke.

William wants to graduate from high school, an accomplishment that no one else in his family has achieved.


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