Scholar since 2009

Wendy is looking forward to attending her new school.

Wendy is in her fifth year as a BECAS scholar. She is now in the 5th grade and loves studying math! BECAS is excited for Wendy’s new school. After a hard year, Wendy will be attending a smaller school with two other BECAS scholars.

Wendy is very shy and loves to play with her siblings. She lives in a small two room house with her father, stepmother, and five siblings. Merging two families together was tough on Wendy. She went years without speaking and when she did speak, it was in a small whisper.

BECAS’s social worker, Lili, works with her father and step-mother to provide a supportive and loving home for Wendy and her siblings. As life becomes more stable at her home, Wendy is coming out of her shell. She greets classmates and teachers with a smile.


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